1. We come into your business and listen


2. Then we find sources of improvement in your recruitment processes and tactics


3. Then we make suggestions


4. Then we implement the changes with your team


5. Finally we measure KPIs to ensure success

Our client, a 45 year old $40,000,000 national recruitment agency; implemented the 96 Talents recruitment process into their Vancouver branch as a test pilot. They were able to place over 22 people from January 2017 to March 2017 and generate over $375,000 in revenue. We improved their sales process by helping them qualify their clients better, collect retainers and gain exclusivity, causing their fill ratio to go up, helping their new team in Vancouver to gain a competitive advantage and scale up faster. Their return on investment was 525% and that will continue to grow the longer they use the process. 

8 Steps

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